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Lake Constance, Austria

Lake Constance is located at the borders of Austria, Germany and Switzerland and offers a great base for a range of holidays on land and water.....

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Bike tour available:
We can offer a range of cycle tours around and to the Lake
Airport Name:
Friedrishshafen is closest
Time Difference from UK:
+ 1 hr

Lake Constance

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Cycling Holidays in Lake Constance

We offer several cycling tours around the lake - unescorted - and the tours offer a lovely mix whereby you can see the highlights of this delightful area. We can offer a tour starting in Bregenz (fly to Friedrichshafen) or a tour from Munich to Lake Constance

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Background on Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central Europe, after Lake Balaton and Lake Geneva. Lake Constance has a border with three countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria with the German coast line being 173 km long, the Austrian 28 km, and the Swiss coastline 72 km.

Aparently, there is no legally binding agreement as to where the boundaries lie between Germany, Switzerland and Austria so an opportunity for the lawyers!

The area is a popular destination and offers a great range of options from 5 star luxury to great budget options.

 Lake Constance Tours

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Around Lake Constance

The tour "Around Lake Constance" does just what it describes - starting in Bregenz, it takes you around the Lake and the tour takes advantage of the train as well to ensure it is not too testing.... Read More

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Location of Lake Constance

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Doing More in Lake Constance

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Short Breaks in Lake Constance

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