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Skiing in 2014-15
Where has the month of July gone too.......as we are now in August, I notice that the blog postings have been a bit absent......not that we have not been busy - quite the opposite......

Skiing in 2014-15 was posted on 6 August 2014 by Stuart McLeod.


Boat and Bike - Danube Cycle path - Educational trip
What an experience! I spent 2 days on the MS Theodor Korner along the River Danube for a special 25 year celebration of the Bike and Boat cycle tours and the refurbishment of the ship.....

Boat and Bike - Danube Cycle path - Educational trip was posted on 19 June 2014 by Sara Averill.


Skiing on a budget
Ski holidays are not always kind to the wallet but if you can be flexible with your dates and steer clear of expensive flying, there are some bargains to be had - we have some apartments that work out at less than £100 per person! Do also consider some of the lift pass inclusive deals.... if you need to fly, do look at some of the less popular airports as the flights will be cheaper...........

Skiing on a budget was posted on 13 June 2014 by Stuart McLeod.


Happy Whitsun holidays
As the rain continues to fall today, I cannot help but recall Groundhog day - the film that bases its weather forecast on the appearance of a "rat" of some kind......the pagan aspect of Whitsun was Beltane which decreed that this (Whitsun) was the start of summer......and the weather today would reflect the coming summer - so another wet summer it would seem...........

Happy Whitsun holidays was posted on 24 May 2014 by Stuart McLeod.


Sierra Nevada - a skiing secret
As we enter the month of May, many European ski resorts have closed the lifts for the summer but several remain open and enjoying fresh snowfalls - these include Stubai and Zermatt but one will come as a surprise to many of you........

Sierra Nevada - a skiing secret was posted on 2 May 2014 by Stuart McLeod.


Goodbye to 13/14 but hello to 14/15.......
As we enter the last few weeks of the current season, it is noticeable that there are lots of enquiries looking at next winter and many are looking at getting an early ski fix in when the lifts open in September - we have some new resorts and some early booking promotions available.....

Goodbye to 13/14 but hello to 14/15....... was posted on 21 April 2014 by Stuart McLeod.


Deval Bob in Serre Chevalier
Henry, our resort manager in Serre Chevalier this winter, had a go on the new Deval Bob run - here's what he thought:

Deval Bob in Serre Chevalier was posted on 13 March 2014 by Guest Blogger.


No1 for the Sunday Times Ultimate 100 holidays
Last month saw the Sunday Times compile a list of the 100 Ultimate Summer Holidays and it was lovely to see the Zenith Holidays Ardeche activity package given number one billing..........

No1 for the Sunday Times Ultimate 100 holidays was posted on 1 March 2014 by Stuart McLeod.


The 22nd Winter Olympics
The 22nd Winter Olympics are finally under way, but the start of competition in Sochi is merely the end of a nine-year journey through the bidding, construction, infrastructure and pre-games process.

The 22nd Winter Olympics was posted on 8 February 2014 by Guest Blogger.


News from our Resorts
Happy New Year from the mountains - I know we are on Day 12 but it's been busy. Lovely full chalets for Christmas, New Year and the first few weeks - thanks for travelling with us.....but I have got some updates from the team who are looking forward to seeing you later this winter..........

News from our Resorts was posted on 12 January 2014 by Erica Taylor.

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