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Snowkite Masters Championships
On 16th January 2015 some of the team members from Serre Chevalier, Montgenevre and Alpe D’huez met up on the Col du Lautaret to watch the freestyle Snowkite Masters Championships........

Snowkite Masters Championships was posted on 24 January 2015 by Guest Blogger.


News from our Resorts
Happy New Year from the mountains - I know we are on Day 12 but it's been busy. Lovely full chalets for Christmas, New Year and the first few weeks - thanks for travelling with us.....but I have got some updates from the team who are looking forward to seeing you later this winter..........

News from our Resorts was posted on 12 January 2014 by Erica Taylor.


Child Friendly holidays with Zenith
With the children heading back to school this week, I collected some thoughts from Ellen (aged 8) as to where is fun to go on holidays with fun activities.........

Child Friendly holidays with Zenith was posted on 7 January 2013 by Guest Blogger.


Doing More in Ski Resorts
Most days, we get enquiries from customers looking to get away skiing but wanting to head to a resort where there is plenty to do for a non-skier in the group or where a young baby or toddler will be looked after by one of the parents and they want to know whether there is "stuff" to do. One of the selection criteria for the resorts we feature is (and has always been) that there are opportunities to be doing more than just skiing or snowboarding..........

Doing More in Ski Resorts was posted on 30 December 2012 by Stuart McLeod.


Calling all dog lovers
As a dog lover (and recently a dog owner once more) I was thrilled to experience husky dog sledding earlier this year.

Calling all dog lovers was posted on 13 October 2012 by Katie Waddington.


Countdown to Winter
With the arrival of the summer solstice last Thursday, the days will start getting shorter now (which is a shame) but the arrival of the 2012/13 ski season will be getting closer (which is great)......

Countdown to Winter was posted on 22 June 2012 by Stuart McLeod.


Zenith Holidays raises money for Matthew's Friends
Since last year Zenith has supported the charity Matthew's Friends and this winter we have been encouraging our overseas staff to join in........

Zenith Holidays raises money for Matthew's Friends was posted on 11 April 2012 by Katie Waddington.


Resort updates - 1 March 2012
February holidays are now behind us but spring is a wonderful time to enjoy a ski holiday - conditions remain good with all the snow that has fallen and the days are longer.........

Resort updates - 1 March 2012 was posted on 3 March 2012 by Guest Blogger.


Update from our Resort Teams
February is a busy month in the ski resorts with the UK half term and the European holidays happening - the resort events are many and varied - here is a latest update from some of them........

Update from our Resort Teams was posted on 23 February 2012 by Erica Taylor.


Hope you had a fun half term holiday...........
The half term holidays are always a dilemma – where to go to avoid the crowds......how to avoid the huge delays....how to avoid it costing a fortune........

Hope you had a fun half term holiday........... was posted on 21 February 2012 by Stuart McLeod.


Update from resort week 3 - January 2012
News Directly From The Resort Teams - if you want to read an update on what is happening in resort - read on......

Update from resort week 3 - January 2012 was posted on 25 January 2012 by Erica Taylor.


Happy New Year 2012
Happy New year to all our customers and website visitors - hope to see you on the slopes in 2012 - perhaps even at the snowkiting events in Serre Che and Cortina.......

Happy New Year 2012 was posted on 2 January 2012 by Stuart McLeod.


Serre Che Derby - by Alison Dickie (Zenith resort rep for Serre Chevalier)
The Serre Chevalier Derby, a freeride event for skiers, snowboarders, monoskiers, and telemarkers, returned on Saturday 19 March 2011. This was run concurrently with the Ultimate Test tour - the essential free ride fair.

Serre Che Derby - by Alison Dickie (Zenith resort rep for Serre Chevalier) was posted on 27 March 2011 by Guest Blogger.


Snowing in Serre Che
Flights to the Alps for just £35 return - and there is more fresh snow arriving...

Snowing in Serre Che was posted on 14 March 2011 by Stuart McLeod.