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Doing More in Ski Resorts

Most days, we get enquiries from customers looking to get away skiing but wanting to head to a resort where there is plenty to do for a non-skier in the group or where a young baby or toddler will be looked after by one of the parents and they want to know whether there is "stuff" to do. One of the selection criteria for the resorts we feature is (and has always been) that there are opportunities to be doing more than just skiing or snowboarding..........

Alpe D'Huez

The resort offers lots to do after you come off the ski slopes. The options include night skiing, take a ride in a piste basher and ski-joering to mention a few.

The resort also plays host to a few events during the season which are worth seeing:

  • Trophee Andross (held annually before Christmas) - What is it? see here
  • Ski Cross held on 8 Jan '13  and 20 Jan '13 - what is it? see previous event here
  • Film festival 16-20 Jan '13
....and the resort also has a swimming pool, ice rink, and the sports centre with gym.
See Holiday options in Alpe D'Huez


Next in the alphabet comes Avoriaz and what can we offer here for the non-skier......

New in July 2012 is the Aquariaz Waterpark and this will be popular with the families as it includes a lazy river, climbing wall, indoor and outoor jacuzzis, a play area for small children and a slide with inflatables -  plenty to keep families amused for hours

Other things in the resort include ice-diving, ski joering and mountain biking on snow.......

The resort also plays host to a few events such as Ice hockey matches (throughout the season) and the resort also has a bowling alley.

 See Holiday options in Avoriaz
Listing out each resort and its activities will take me until the end of the year but do have a look at the resort list as each resort offers a lot of options that can be seen under the Doing-more tab or the Events tab.
Opposite, have a look at some of the most popular activities that are enjoyed and we detail the resorts in which we offer them......


A thrilling activity which is similar to kite-surfing but conducted on the snow.

We can offer snowkiting weeks or a mix of ski/snowboarding and snowkiting.For novices, we can offer a taster introductory session or 3 day courses - just contact us

Resorts that offer this include Serre Chevalier, Alpe D'Huez and Cortina

Snowkiting events also take place in the resorts and its a great spectacle - next event is 5 - 11 January in Serre Chevalier


Whether you are looking to do a short circuit with the children or you would prefer an extended tour, we can offer a range of dogsledding experiences in resorts including Trysil, Montgenevre, Serre Chevalier, Formigal, Alpe D'Huez & Madonna di Campiglio to name a few


A perfect corporate event and one of those things that makes you feel like James Bond.......

We offer this in Risoul, Alpe D'huez, Formigal and Montgenevre amongst others


There are a few resorts that offer these in the winter - Risoul, Chamonix and Montgenevre amongst them - see the video of the Montgenevre luge

Other activities across the program include ice driving, driving a piste basher, hot air ballooning, quad biking, sledging, ice skating, heli-skiing.......should you need any more information, just make an enquiry below.

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Doing More in Ski Resorts was posted on 30 December 2012 by Stuart McLeod.

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