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Summer Holidays

Everyone has a slightly different idea as to what makes a good holiday.

Some want lots of different activities to do during the week and some want to laze by the pool and read - with Zenith, our base offering is your accommodation (plus transfer where relevant) and then you can add on the extras you want......and, of course, you do not then pay for things you don't need.

Naturally, some customers would like a pre-set itinerary of our programs - for examples of the packages at our most popular destinations, see our Top Destinations.

As there is a wealth of possibilities in each resort we have grouped them into a range of categories - see below

Should you have any questions about any of our holidays or activities, do call us on 0203 137 7678 or email us

Summer Holidays with Zenith Holidays

  • Activity multi-activities
  • Cycling Holidays
  • Golf Holidays
  • Surfing Holidays
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Festivals & Events
  • City Breaks
  • Sailing
  • Mountain Bike Holidays
  • White Water Rafting Holidays
  • Make a Summer Enquiry
  • Motorbike Holidays