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Val d'Allos, France

Val D'Allos is actually the name of the valley leading up to the Col D'Allos. Before you start the final climb towards the col you come to the ski resort of La Foux D'Allos.

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Altitude (max):
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Market day:
Getting there:

Flying to Nice will probably be the best alternative - but there are others

We include a Eurotunnel crossing in our prices (for stays of 1 week or longer) see travel arrangements

Resort Amenities:
Supermarket, bakery, sports shops, tourist office, dr's, pharmacy, post office, hairdressers, restaurants, souvenir shops, cinema, newsagents, nightclub, cashpoint machine.
Airport Name:
Nice - 127km
Local currency:
Blue Runs:
Time Difference from UK:
+ 1 hr
Black Runs:
Internet access:
Yes - WIFI

Val d'Allos

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A small town perched in the mountains and linked in to the Espace Lumiere giving access to over 230km of skiing.The word "Foux" is an old slang word meaning "source" and the resort takes its name from the source of the river Verdon which is in the mountains just above the resort. This river is much more well known further down its course when it goes through the Gorges du Verdon.

There are 2 different ski areas and they are only linked by a road. (There is a free bus between the different resorts of Val D'Allos). The Espace Lumiere is the larger area with 170km of slopes and includes the resorts of Pra Loup and La Foux d'Allos (Val D'Allos 1800).  The second area is Val D'Allos 1400/1500. It can get a little confusing between the resort names - for example the Ski Club of Great Britain refers to Val D'Allos 1800 as La Foux D'Allos in its snow reports, but the tourist office covers 1800, 1500 and 1400 and so is referred to as Val d'Allos.

Nonskiers can take the telecabine de la Chaup, telecabine de l'Aiguille or the chairlift du Marin Pascal and join their friends on the mountain for lunch or a drink. A free navette runs daily around the resort of Val D'Allos 1800 from 8.30am until 7.30pm (8.30pm on Saturdays and during the holidays). 

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Hotel Du Hameau

Situated at the entrance of La Foux D'Allos the Hotel du Hameau is a traditional, family run hotel. Read More

Les Balcons du Soleil

Situated in a quiet area at the end of the resort, just 300m from the ski lift, Les Balcons du Soleil apartments are mainly made up of wood and stone offering traditional and stylish mountain accommodation. Read More

From £108.00

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Residence Plein Sud

The Plein Sud residence is close to the slopes and offers apartments sleeping from 3 to 6 people..... Read More

From £149.00

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