Stand up Paddle board experience

This 3 day activity tour will see you doing stand up paddling in the most beautiful locations in Slovenia, along with an opportunity to experience other sporting activities and carefully selected sights and culinary treats.   

This standup paddle adventure is a perfect choice for those who like to actively explore new countries and, of course, for enthusiastic stand up paddlers who use every opportunity to enjoy time out on the water and explore the world with a paddle in their hand!

If you love getting to know a new country through local’s eyes, enjoy meeting like-minded active people and you care more about “what to see and do” than just “what to see”, then this programme is right up your street!

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Ljubljana

    Individual arrival into Ljubljana followed by a bike tour around this magical city. You will also have time for lunch and some exploring before the Ljubljana SUP tour starts at 5pm.  Make sure you walk up to the Ljubljana castle and enjoy the spectacular views over the city and nearby mountains and forests.

    You will paddle along the Ljubljanica River and experience an interesting view of the fast changing faces of the town. Slowly, the tour will take you right into the midst of the urban beauty. You will crane your necks to see the impressive Ljubljana castle, admire the Triple Bridge designed by the celebrated architect Joze Plecnik and wave to the mighty dragons that protect both banks of the river.


  • Day 2 - Bled

    After an early breakfast, you will drive north to visit Lake Bled and its famous island in the middle.

    Stand up paddling surrounded by green forest, high cliffs and a little old town will be a wonderful experience.  You won't be able to resist taking a refreshing dip in the lake and if you like to challenge yourself there are some SUP board fun games to participate in.

    Of course, there is a stop on Bled Island to walk the mighty stairways and visit the famous Baroque church.  The island also offers delicious chocolate ice cream and a 'wishing bell' where every wish can come true - apparently!

    After lunch, you will head to the narrow Vintgar Gorge where the Radovna rivers shows off its lively pools, rapids and waterfalls.

    In the evening, you will return in Ljubljana where you can discover the culinary delights of Ljubljana or have a dinner with the locals.

  • Day 3 - Piran

    On your last day you will drive towards the coast where you will stand up paddle along high cliffs until you reach the unique little town of Piran.  

    Here you will have the opportunity to take lunch and do some exploring through the labyrinthine streets of this quaint place.  

    To finish the day you will take a train ride through the majestic Postojna cave, which is one of the best known caves in the world. The train offers a unique adventure in the heart of karst tunnels, passages and galleries. You’ll look for the shiniest white stalagmite called the Brilliant and meet famous human fish.

    Arrival back at Ljubljana (or stay in Piran for an extended stay)

    If you want to spend more time in Slovenia, we can offer an extension in the the city or by the sea - do get in touch and we can make some suggestions

There is nothing available. Please contact us for an enquiry.
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    Meet & greet No need to struggle with heavy luggage or equipment and no need to take a shuttle bus - Simply drive to the terminal forecourt where you will be met by a uniformed driver who will take all the stress away from you.

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What we like

  • This is a unique activity tour for those who enjoy paddle boarding and exploring new places!
  • We love the varied choice of accommodation on offer


  • Ljubljana is currently the only European capital that offers a relaxed and intimate experience of stand up paddling through the very heart of town. 


You can select between five SUP tours in the following periods:

  • April 19th - 21st
  • May 20th - 22nd
  • June 14th - 16th
  • July 8th - 10th
  • August 2nd - 4th
  • September 6th - 8th

Level of difficulty

  • The stand up boarding tours are not very long or physically demanding. You will usually spend around 3 hours a day on a stand up paddle board and cover 5 - 7 km.  
  • They are suitable for anyone who knows how to swim and who wants to explore the most beautiful parts of Slovenia in a fun and active way.  

What's included

  • SUP program in Ljubljana, Bled and Piran with ASI certified SUP instructor
  • SUP gear (Red Paddle Co. board, paddle, safety leash)
  • Introductory SUP course
  • Ljubljana and Bled castle hike
  • Transport to Piran and Bled
  • A short neopren suit, if you need one in the spring or September;
  • Healthy snacks (fruits, nuts etc.)
  • Photos from the SUP tour
  • 3 day accommodation if chosen
  • Breakfast in 4 star Hotel Cubo
  • Tourist tax payable locally
  • EJA tourist agency services

Other things to consider

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner,
  • Spending money.

Optional supplements

  • Bled and Ljubljana castle entrance fee: 10 €
  • Vintgar Gorge entrance fee: 4 €
  • Postojna Cave entrance fee: 22 €
  • Bike tour: from 22 €
  • Beer or Food walk Ljubljana: from 35 € 
  • Flight booking to Ljubljana

Holiday insurance

Holiday insurance is a requirement when booking our holidays

If you have a policy in place - that's great - if not the policy on our site is available from MPI  This covers all the key areas.

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