Booking Conditions

  • Our agreement with you

    We are the trading division of Zenith Holidays Limited and our Agreement with you sets out what you are legally entitled to expect from us when you buy our services. Those services are as advertised by us but may also have restrictions set out in Important Information which should also be read carefully. Because we sell a wide variety of travel related products, you should read Important Information and these terms and conditions carefully, before you book, to see how they affect your specific arrangements made by us.

    1. Your Travel Booking

    You must be 18 years old to book and travel on holidays with us and take up the offers advertised by us if they are still available. If you are under 18 years old an adult must accompany you on your journey.

    There may be other restrictions on some offers, but these are explained in the details of those offers. When you or (if you are booking through a travel agent) your travel agent ask for your booking to be confirmed, we will confirm the booking there and then, and set aside your chosen accommodation, holiday or other products for you. Next, we will send you a confirmation as to the details of your holiday and confirm the components with our suppliers - in exceptional circumstances where a component is no longer available, we will inform you within 48 hours. Following the confirmation, we will send by email to you or your agent a Booking Email within 5 days. We may not be able to confirm all the details of some of our ground arrangements straight away (e.g. bespoke accommodation, tours etc). In these instances we may issue a pro-forma Invoice. If there is any change to any of the details discussed at time of booking, before the pro-forma Invoice is issued, we will notify you promptly of any new or changed details, including a change to the total price (if any). If any detail is not correct tell us immediately. If there is an error on the confirmation email we reserve the right to correct it as soon as we become aware of it, but we will do this within 7 days of issuing the pro-forma Invoice or, if your departure is within 7 days, no later than 24 hours before you go. If any of these changes are not acceptable then you will be entitled to a full refund.

    Your contract will either be with us or with another supplier of travel services and this will depend on the type of arrangements you book: Your contract will be with us if we arrange at least two or more of the following services when the services are taken together and also either cover a period of more than 24 hours or include overnight accommodation:- (a) transport; (b) accommodation; and (c) other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation which account for a significant part of the arrangements. But we will need to be aware that you have made more than one arrangement with us. For all other arrangements, we are the Booking Agent for a number of suppliers. Your contract will be with the supplier and we accept no responsibility for their actions or omissions. Copies of the conditions of your contract with your supplier are available on request from us and we recommend that you ask for them and read them before you book so that you are aware of how they may affect your booking. 

    2. The Price You Pay

    All prices we advertise are accurate at the date shown on line, but we reserve the right to change any of those prices from time to time. Prices can go up or down. We will be able to tell you the up-to-date price of your chosen arrangements and of any other services advertised by us before confirming your booking.

    Any offers or promotions on extras and excursions detailed on the website under our "Doing more" or "Latest offers" sections apply to the prevailing prices on the prices grids of our accommodations. These promotions cannot be booked as separate components.

    We reserve the right to increase the price of your holiday after you have booked but no later than 30 days before the departure date stipulated and will forward an Amendment Invoice reflecting any changes made.  If we are your Booking Agent (see section 1 above), then we, acting on behalf of your supplier, will pass on any price increase in accordance with the conditions of the contract with your supplier. 

    For all other arrangements, after a Confirmation Invoice has been sent to you, any increase to your holiday price will be as the result of changes in our costs of supplying your holiday resulting from currency fluctuations and government action. An administration charge and any relevant travel agent's commission is included within these amounts.

    If the increase would be 2% or less of the holiday price shown on your Confirmation Invoice (excluding insurance premiums and any amendment charges), we will absorb the changes in our costs described above and will only pass on any increase above that level. If any change in our costs would cause a reduction in your holiday price, we will not make refunds of amounts less than 2% of your holiday price (calculated as above), but we will refund in full amounts exceeding such 2%, after deducting an administration charge of £1.

    If the increase is more than 10% of the holiday price (calculated as above), then :

    1. You may cancel your holiday booking within 14 days of the Amendment Invoice date and receive a refund of all monies paid to us except any amendment charges; we will only consider an appropriate refund of insurance premium paid if you can show us that you are unable to transfer or re-use your policy; and

    2. The increase will be considered a Major Change as described in section 4 below and, unless you choose to cancel under paragraph 1 above, you will be entitled to the alternatives set out in section 4 for those circumstances, but in either case you will receive compensation in accordance with section 4.

    The price quoted on the last Amendment Invoice issued is guaranteed, unless you change your holiday booking. Any increases in our costs which occur after the last Amendment Invoice has been sent will be borne by us.

    3. If we cancel your booking

    If we are your Booking Agent, your contract with your suppliers may allow them to cancel bookings. Where this occurs, we will ensure that you are promptly notified of any significant changes but accept no liability for the changes or costs incurred which may result.

    For all other arrangements we aim to provide your holiday as booked.  But if, for example, there are not enough people booked on your holiday, we may cancel it.  We reserve the right to cancel your holiday in any circumstances but if we cancel your holiday you can either have a refund or accept a replacement holiday from us of equivalent or closely similar standard and price (if one is available).  In either case, we will pay you compensation, using the scale shown (unless we cancel your holiday because of one of the events listed in the 'Important note - events beyond our control') and we will always refund the difference in price if the replacement holiday is of a lower standard and price. We will not cancel your holiday less than eight weeks before you go, unless this is the result of one of the events in the 'Important note - events beyond our control'.

    4. If we change your booking details

    If we are your Booking Agent, your contract with your suppliers may allow them to change your booking details. Where this occurs, we will ensure that you are promptly notified of any significant changes but accept no liability for the changes or costs incurred which may result.

    For all other arrangements, we hope that we will not have to make any change to your holiday but, because our holidays are planned many months in advance, we sometimes do need to make changes. We reserve the right to do this at any time. We will let you or your travel agent know about any important changes when you book. If you have already booked, we will let you know as soon as we can, if there is time before your departure. Flight timings shown by us are for guidance only and may change. Your Confirmation Invoice will show the latest planned timings.

    Major changes to your holiday

    Occasionally, we have to make major changes to the accommodation making up your holiday with us.  If we tell you about any of these changes after we have confirmed your holiday booking, you may either:

    - accept the new arrangements offered by us; or

    - accept a replacement holiday from us of equivalent or closely similar standard and price, if one is available; or

    - cancel your holiday with us and receive a full refund of all monies paid.

    Either way, we will pay you compensation, using the Compensation table shown, unless the change is for reasons beyond our control (see the 'Important Note - events beyond our control') and we will always refund the difference in price if the replacement holiday is of a lower standard and price.

    Major changes for which we will always pay compensation, using the scale shown, may include the following changes: a significant change of destination; a change in accommodation to that of a lower category, but see also 'Important note - events beyond our control'.  These changes are only examples and there may be other significant changes which constitute major changes. This standard payment will not affect your statutory or other legal rights. We will only make one payment for each full-fare-paying adult in the holiday booking. Any children not paying the full adult fare will receive 50% of these amounts. Children using a free child place will not receive any standard payment.

    5. What happens to holiday complaints

    We can usually sort out any complaints you may have. But if we cannot agree, you can, of course, take your complaint to the County Court or another suitable court in the UK.

    6. Our responsibility for your holiday

    We will arrange for you to receive the services that make up the holiday that you choose and that we confirm. These services will be provided either directly by us or through independent suppliers contracted by us. Except where we are a Booking Agent we are responsible for making sure that each part of the holiday you book with us is provided to a reasonable standard and as was advertised by us (or as changed and accepted by you). If any part of your holiday is not provided as described and this spoils your holiday, we will pay you appropriate compensation (see the 'Important note - events beyond our control'). Also, if you buy a local excursion or tour through one of our official representatives, we will pay you reasonable compensation if it is not as advertised in our literature.

    We have taken all reasonable care to make sure that all the services which make up the holidays advertised by us are provided by efficient and reputable businesses. These businesses should follow the local and national laws and regulations of the country where they are provided. However, overseas safety standards are generally lower than in the UK, for example few hotels yet meet EC fire safety recommendations even in Europe.

    7. Personal Injury

    a/ We have no direct control over the way our suppliers provide their services but everyone employed or contracted by us or by our suppliers is expected to carry out their duties properly. If they do not carry out their duties properly (or at all) and that fault results in your injury, illness or death, we may make a payment to you. We will not make any payment if your injury, illness or death was caused by an event or circumstances which the person who caused it could not have predicted or avoided even if they had taken all necessary and due care. We will not make any payment if your illness, injury or death was your own fault. If we do make a payment, it will be similar to one you would receive under English law in an English court.

    Note: We will make such payments for injury, illness or death on the basis that you are expected to accept that:

    1 You must tell us and the supplier involved about your injury or illness while you are in the resort (see section 13). You should also write to our Customer Services at the address given in Important Information about your claim within three months of coming home from your holiday to allow us to investigate it properly. Please include a letter about your injury or illness from your doctor if you can.

    2 You should transfer to us any rights you have against the supplier or any other person.

    3 You should co-operate fully with us if we or our insurers want to enforce those rights.

    4 Any payments we make may be limited in accordance with international conventions.

    We ask you to transfer your rights to us so that we can claim back from suppliers any payments we make to you, plus any legal or other costs. We will not make a profit from this. If we get back from the supplier more than we have paid you plus these costs, we will give the extra money to you.

    b/ If you or someone on your holiday booking is injured, falls ill or dies while taking part in an activity which is not part of the holiday, or you need to incur unpredictable extra expenses for which we are not liable (see 'Important note - events beyond our control') we will try to help if we can. For example, we can help by:

    • providing translation services
    • communicating with authorities and others in foreign resorts
    • recommending foreign lawyers (if necessary)
    • explaining the procedures you should follow
    • telling you of any time limits

    We will help everyone on your holiday booking up to a total cost to us of £5,000 as long as the following conditions are met:

    1 You must ask us for help within three months of coming back from holiday.

    2 You must make a claim under your insurance policy's legal expenses or other appropriate section. You must show us proof that your insurance company has received your claim and, if you get back the cost of legal or other expenses, you must repay us any money we have spent in helping you.


    your agreement with us

    9. Your contract

    By asking us or your travel agent to confirm your booking, you are accepting that the terms of this Agreement (and the conditions of any contract made with your suppliers) applies to your booking and your travel arrangements.  You also consent to our processing personal information about you and other members of your party (see Data Protection in Important Information). Your contract with us is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of England and Wales.  You may however choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you wish to do so.

    10. Paying for your travel arrangements

    You will be required to pay a deposit to us for each person when you book unless this is within eight weeks of departure when the full amount for the booking is payable. The deposit amount will be specified by us or your travel agent when your booking is made.  Please note your booking deposit may be increased or there may be a charge payable for some accommodation where it is necessary to secure specific facilities with full payment at the time of booking. Once confirmed, the booking deposit, additional charges paid  will not be refunded in the event of cancellation except in the circumstances specified in Sections 2, 3 or 4 or as otherwise required by law.

    For a holiday, this is your only commitment until eight weeks before you go. Within two weeks of booking, we will send you a Confirmation email showing how much you owe us. You must pay the amount on the last document issued by us, at least eight weeks before you go on holiday. If you don't, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled and to charge you a cancellation charge up to 100% of the total on that last Invoice, in accordance with the scale in section 12. 

    If you pay money for your booking to a travel agent appointed by us, they will hold that money as our agent from the time they receive it until they pay the money to us. If payment for your booking is made by credit card a handling fee of 3.5% per transaction is made. No charge is made for payments made by bank transfer.

    11. If you change your booking

    1 If you want to change any details of your booking (such as changing to a different hotel or changing your point or date of departure) or to cancel an optional extra you have booked, we will do our best to help but please note that we usually treat amendments that would lower the basic price of your holiday as a different holiday (see 11.4 below).  We charge an 'Amendment Fee' for each detail of the booking which you change. If you make the change more than 56 days before departure, the fee will be £25 per item per person.  For any changes within 56 days of departure, appropriate cancellation charges will be applied (see table). For any changes to upgrades and extras within 56 days of departure, the fee will be £35 per item per person.

    2 The price of your new travel arrangements will be based on the prices that apply on the day you ask for the change. These prices may not be the same as when you first booked your travel arrangements.

    3. Name change, and or departure details such as date and time changes are not always allowed by airlines and other transport providers whenever they are made. Whilst we will do our best to change the details of the booking, please bear in mind that most airlines and other transport providers treat name and departure detail changes as a cancellation and charge accordingly. These charges will be passed on to you. Once tickets have been issued, and sometimes even before they have been issued, any changes made to the ticket, including names or initials, will result in you having to pay for the cancelled ticket and buy a new ticket at full cost.

    4 If, within 56 days of departure, you want to change to a different holiday or you wish to change your departure date to a later date, you will have to pay cancellation charges (see section 12). If the change means we must send you new tickets, we cannot give you any refund until we have received all your old travel documents, including tickets.

    5 Some types of accommodation (such as apartments, or hotel rooms with reductions for three adults) are priced according to the number of people staying there. If your booking changes because someone in your party cancels, we will recalculate your booking cost based on the new number of people going. If fewer people share the accommodation, then the cost for them may go up. This extra cost is not a cancellation charge, and it is not covered by our recommended Insurance.

    6 Except where we are your Booking Agent and subject to clause 11.3 above, if you are prevented from taking the holiday you have booked, you may transfer your booking to another person, provided you meet the following conditions:

    - You must sign an amendment/cancellation form authorising us to make the transfer;

    - The person to whom you transfer your holiday booking must comply with all the terms of the existing booking;

    - That person must sign a holiday booking form accepting the transfer and the terms of Our Agreement;

    - That person must show us new evidence of their holiday insurance, as your policy cannot be transferred to another person (and the premium cannot be refunded);

    - We will also charge amendment fees in accordance with section 11.1 above. This will be added to the new Invoice issued to that person;

    - You cannot transfer a holiday booking within 21 days of departure; and

    - You will remain responsible for the payment of any balance on that new Invoice should that person fail to pay it.

    12. If you cancel your booking

    If you want to cancel your booking or part of it, the lead name on your booking or your travel agent must advise us in writing at the address given in the Important Information below. The letter must be signed by the person who made the booking. To cover the cost of processing your cancellation and to compensate us for the risk that we may not be able to resell your travel arrangements, we make a cancellation charge on the scale shown here. The person who made the booking is responsible for paying this charge. The size of the charge depends on when we receive your form or letter - the more notice you give, the less we will charge.

    If you are travelling on a scheduled flight, we cannot give you any refund until we have received your old travel documents, including tickets. Please return them to us or your travel agent immediately.

    Please note that for certain travel arrangements e.g. coach tours and many scheduled transport providers the cancellation charge may be higher than those shown. In certain cases a 100% cancellation fee applies as soon as the booking is made and the ticket is issued. Please ask for full details of cancellation charges at time of booking. If you have taken out our recommended Insurance policy, you may be able to claim for the cancellation charge. You will find details on the Insurance page. If you have taken out other holiday insurance, please check your policy.

    13. If you have a complaint

    If you have a complaint about your arrangements whilst away, you must immediately notify the supplier of the service in question locally. If they are unable to resolve the problem immediately, and a member of our staff is not available, you should contact us straight away by telephone/fax/email and we will endeavour to assist. If you are still not satisfied on your return home, you must write to our Customer Services Department at the address given in the Important Information, within 28 days of returning from your holiday. Please write your holiday reference number on your letter, and include your daytime and evening telephone numbers. If you do not give us the opportunity to resolve any problem locally by reporting it to the supplier, then we may not be able to deal positively with any complaint on your return. Please submit any complaint within 28 days to allow it to be investigated properly.

    14. Conduct while travelling

    We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or continue dealing with you if your behaviour is disruptive or affects other travellers or is threatening or abusive towards our staff or agents in the UK or resort, on the telephone, in writing or in person. If our resort staff believes that you could be disruptive, they can also refuse to let you proceed with your travel arrangements. If this occurs overseas then you will become responsible for your own return home and any other members of your group who cannot or will not travel without you. In any of these circumstances no refunds or compensation will be paid to you and we may make a claim against you for any costs and expenses incurred as a result of your behaviour.Criminal proceedings may also be instigated.

    15. Your accommodation

    The accommodation we arrange for you must only be used by those people named on your Confirmation Invoice (or on any Amendment Invoice issued). You are not allowed to share the accommodation or let anyone else stay there.



    Important information

    Our Address:

    Zenith Holidays
    Bombers Cottage
    Dwelly Lane
    TN8 6QF

    Holiday Insurance

    It is a condition that you and your party obtain suitable Travel Insurance, from a reputable provider, which must at least include the following: - 

    • Emergency Medical Expenses including, amongst other costs; ambulance charges and repatriation 
    • Cancellation of your trip or Curtailment cutting short your trip 
    • Personal Liability to include, amongst other liabilities; damage caused by your (or your party’s) negligence to the property in which you are staying and may not include a clause which restricts actions being taken against a travelling companion other than family and must include contractual liability of the party leader for the actions of his party 
    • Travel and transfer delays which must include amongst other costs; additional costs incurred in the event of a delay 
    • The policy must include the activities you are likely to do and in particular skiing and snowboarding on and off piste with or without a guide 
  • The policy must cover the period from the date of booking to the last day of your trip and may not have a clause allowing the insurer to cancel the policy nor vary the terms usually following medical reasons unless there has been individual underwriting with specific terms. 

    Note:- There are of course other sections to a Travel Insurance policy such as Baggage and ski equipment, Legal Expenses, Personal Accident and so on     

    In the event that you fail to obtain suitable Travel Insurance we shall not be liable for any costs incurred or claims made against us due to your failure to comply with this term. 

    The policy posted on our website is available from MPI Brokers and satisfies these conditions.

    Our information provision

    All information provided is to the best of our knowledge and belief correct at the time of publication. However, we reserve the right to make changes to information contained online and will advise you of these changes at point of booking or when they are known to us. This advice will be limited to that which is fundamental to the contract or which we believe may affect the enjoyment of your holiday.

    If any facility detailed in this brochure is essential to the enjoyment of your holiday, please advise us at the time of booking and we will try to advise you of the latest information. However, we are sure you will understand that at times certain advertised facilities may not be in operation and we may have no information or prior warning of such matters. Many pictures are included for their attractiveness and general relevance; those with specific notation refer to hotels or relevant features. Photographs of rooms represent the type of accommodation available, but not all rooms will be the same and room sizes, decor and furnishings will vary, particularly in older or historical buildings. From time to time hoteliers may decide to change from table service to buffet service or vice versa. We will inform you of this if advised in advance.

    Early and Late Season

    Due to poor volume of support and unsettled weather conditions, particularly in early and late season, it is often the case that advertised activities such as accompanied hikes or bike rides and other activities will not be available. Similarly, some advertised resort and hotel facilities such as swimming pools, sporting activities and facilities, leisure facilities, restaurants, shops, etc. may not be in operation or open. Where mentioned in our descriptions air conditioning/heating may only be turned on at certain times of day or year - as the owner or manager deems it necessary. Air conditioning is not included unless stated on the accommodation page.

    Resort Development and Local Events

    The noise and inconvenience of building work inevitably seems worse on holiday.  Our resort staff will keep us informed about building works, especially in growing resorts. While we have no control over building works, we will do our best to tell you about any specific work going on near your accommodation, if there is time before you go on holiday.

    Artist's Impression and Computer Generated Images

    In some cases we have had to use an artist's impression or a computer generated image of a hotel, apartment residence or chalet. This image will be an accurate representation of the property based upon the information available to us at the time.

    Special Requests

    For any special requests call our Zenith Reservations Department or email us at you confirm your holiday booking. We shall always do our best to meet your requirements, but no guarantee is given as this does not form part of our holiday contract with you, irrespective, of the fact that details of the request may be found on your confirmation invoice. If, however, your request is essential to your holiday arrangements, please make this known at the time of booking in order that we can ascertain whether this is possible with our supplier. This will require us contacting the supplier and confirming the request to you in writing, for which there will be an administration charge of £35.

    Evening Events and Recommended Venues

    The advertised events are dependant upon achieving a minimum number of participants and, therefore, some events may not always be available due to insufficient demand or, in some cases, adverse weather conditions. All mentioned restaurants and other venues featured in this brochure which are not owned by Zenith are not under our direct control and have not been inspected by us. Therefore, any recommendation is merely an indication that these facilities have proved popular and are worthy of mention and not a personal recommendation by Zenith.

    Your Accommodation

    • Properties on our site have been carefully chosen and are considered to offer suitable accommodation for the cost shown. Do note that star ratings can vary between countries as they apply different criteria.
    • Annexe accommodation may be part of the main hotel or in a separate building, which is guaranteed to be within walking distance. The annexe accommodation, though it may give access to facilities at the property through which it is sold, may not offer rooms to the same level as the associated property and any change is reflected in the price.
    • Prices are based on accommodation in standard twin/double-bedded rooms unless otherwise stated.
    • Baths may not always be full size and showers may not always have a shower tray or curtain and soap is not ordinarily provided in rooms.
    • Credit cards: many hotels/properties, as a matter of policy, require an imprint of your credit card to be taken at registration for security reasons.
    • Check-in/check-out at hotels is normally after 15.00 hours (after 17.00 hours for apartments) and you should anticipate having to vacate your room by 10.00 hours irrespective of the time of your departure. For some holidays, it is appreciated  that flights may leave the UK early in the morning and you may arrive in resort before midday, so your room may not be ready when you arrive. On the day of your departure, we will endeavour to offer somewhere to store your luggage free of charge, where you can leave your bags until departure time, though this may not always be locked. Courtesy rooms may not always be available.
    • Full and half-board customers: A table d'hote menu is usually offered to all customers who book meal arrangements, with limited or no choice of menu, unless specifically stated. Meals usually start with dinner on the first day of your arrival in resort and finish with breakfast on your day of departure.
    • If you arrive after 20.00 hours it is likely that a cold platter will be provided and if you have an early morning departure hotels may not be able to provide a full breakfast. Sometimes hotels may allocate tables on a shared basis and in some countries, it is common for individual napkins to be re-used if clean and re-presented in a personalised envelope.
    • Packed Lunches: may sometimes be made up by guests from the breakfast buffet where applicable.
    • Balconies: The payment of a supplement for a balcony facility does not guarantee a specific view or that it will be private, unless stated.
    • Smoking Restrictions: In some countries smoking is increasingly prohibited in public places (hotels, restaurants, bars etc). It is your responsibility to obtain information from the relevant tourist offices before you book if such restrictions would affect your holiday enjoyment.
    • Cots & High chairs: Should be requested at the time of booking. Any additional payment for food/cot hire must be paid directly to hotels, for which we have no control over the cost, and cot linen is usually provided (not duvets). Please note we cannot guarantee that cots will meet British Safety standards. The inclusion of a cot may restrict room space. Please note that some rooms, particularly those described as small, may not be large enough to accommodate a cot. Please telephone our Reservations Department for further information.
    • Hotel Facilities: Leisure facilities, saunas, whirlpools and other facilities advertised as available at a hotel, unless specifically stated as being "FREE" will carry a charge payable to the hotelier. Children may not always be allowed in hotel bars, even when accompanied by their parents. In some cases swimming trunks not shorts and swimming hats may be compulsory. In certain hotels (eg: many Austrian hotels) it is expected that the sauna experience is enjoyed in the traditional manner which may mean naked.
    • Fitness Rooms/Health Suites: Facilities will vary and we cannot guarantee the range or type of equipment provided will be as extensive as in a purpose built gym.
    • Late night entry: Please ensure you always check the arrangements for late night entry in the event your hotel closes the main door at a specified time.
    • Car Parking is not always available at hotels and therefore if you require this facility please check at the time of booking or call the hotel direct.
    • Inevitably hotels and accommodation venues can be used for weddings, local celebrations & conventions. Hotels will always try to ensure that guests are not inconvenienced but some disturbances may occur.
    • Many rooms with a sea view may not have an uninterrupted full view.
    • Chalets - We operate a deposit system for the chalet keys. You will need to give your chalet host a deposit of 10€ at the start of the week in return for a chalet key. This will be returned to you when you return your key before departure.


    Vegetarian/Special Diets: Vegetarianism is still relatively uncommon in some areas of Europe so customers requesting such meals may find choice limited in some hotels. Similarly, it may be difficult for some hotels and chalets to cater for the needs of customers with strict special diets.If you have any special dietary requirements it is important that you request these at the time of booking.

    Room Descriptions

    Single rooms may not always offer the same facilities or location as twin rooms and the payment of a supplement does not necessarily mean that a twin room will be provided for sole use. Often single rooms are purpose built and intended for sole use only.

    Eaves rooms are so described because they have sloping roofs and beams, often with skylight windows and reduced headroom.

    Triple rooms are usually based on a standard twin room for two persons with an additional couch/put-up bed added for the third person that may restrict space. Purpose- built triple or quad rooms are sometimes available. Such rooms normally comprise a standard twin/double room with additional couch/put up beds being added for third & fourth occupants. This arrangement may restrict space. Please refer to the description for the types of bed provided - your invoice will show the room and bed type

    Accommodation Categories

    Rooms described as superior, suites, junior suites, apartments etc, offer a variety of facilities and room configurations. As these descriptions vary considerably from country to country it is not possible for us to provide a standard description which will adequately cover all the variations. Therefore, please make specific enquiries when booking to ensure the accommodation meets your requirements, particularly for suites and apartments. Accommodation facilities are often abbreviated and will be confirmed on your invoice as PS/PB - private shower or bath, PS - private shower, PB - private bath, PSWC - private shower with toilet, PBWC - private bath with toilet, BL - balcony, T - terrace, MV - mountain view, VV- Valley View, RF - Resort Facing View, LV - Lake view, SV - Sea view , NF/SF - north or south facing, NV - no view, RV - restricted view, SUP - Superior room,  DXL - Deluxe room, Basic - wash basin in rooms, Q - one quad room.

    Rooms that are small, located under the eaves, cabin rooms, in annexe accommodation and suites will be highlighted as such.

    Self Catering Accommodation

    All bed linen costs (although not towels unless specifically stated) are included in all Zenith Holidays prices. All accommodation is basically equipped with cutlery, crockery etc. Kitchenettes usually offer only 2 or 3 hot plates and not ovens, unless advertised to the contrary. Items such as toasters and kettles are not considered to be essential kitchen appliances in Europe and are, consequently, rarely provided. Customers are normally expected to make their own beds on arrival. Please also note that 'starter' packs are rarely provided and you should, therefore, anticipate purchasing items such as milk, toilet roll, etc. on arrival (or the following day if you arrive late). A starter pack can be purchased which will be put in your room for arrival. When more than one apartment is booked of the same or different type, we cannot guarantee they will be adjoining, although a request will be accepted wherever possible (see Special Requests).

    Cleaning: the initial cleaning before your arrival is normally included and, unless specified in the accommodation description, is not provided during your stay.

    If cleaning is provided it may not be available during public holidays.

    Inventory Deposit: An inventory deposit against damages or breakages will be collected on arrival or an imprint of your credit card may be required. This will usually be €250 per unit, and is refundable on your departure, or later, directly by the local agent if, for example, you are obliged to depart early.

    It is in your best interests to leave the accommodation as it was found, as deductions for breakages, damage or leaving the accommodation unclean can be made by the local agents. Where the end of stay clean has been paid for, this will still require the kitchen to be left clean and the dishes washed and bins emptied. As deposits are sometimes held by the accommodation owner/management and not Zenith Holidays, we cannot always become directly involved in situations or disputes that may occur. A small refundable key/damage deposit may be required in catered chalets.

    Local tax: this will be payable on departure and is a tourist tax levied by the resort. This tax varies from resort to resort and generally applies to adults and children aged over 12. The tax point and its value crystallise on your arrival date - our rep or accommodation agent will provide further detail. Do ask for an estimate based on the latest information.


    Meals: are as described on the individual pages.

    Accommodation:  Our accommodation ranges from larger properties to smaller traditional family hotels. Due to this wide range it is difficult to grade them on a like for like basis and, in addition to the facilities available, location and general standard, we have based our grades on our senior executives' opinions - we welcome any feedback on our ratings.

    Supplements payable for facilities in hotel room are abbreviated on each price panel.

    Please see relevant pricing sections for details on child prices.

    Smoking:  In the interest of fire and safety regulations and out of consideration for other guests, all hotels are non-smoking unless by prior arrangement with the staff/owner.

    Bed linen/towels:  Our catered chalets include bed linen and one bath towel and one hand towel per person. 

    Check in/out:  Accommodation is normally available from 3pm - 5pm on the day of arrival and you should anticipate checking out before 10am hours on the day of departure.

    Cots:  Please request at time of booking if you require this facility, for which a £15 charge will be made.

    Local tax: this will be payable on departure and is a tourist tax levied by the resort. This tax varies from resort to resort and generally applies to adults and children aged over 12.

    Other Guests

    Hotels: We do not have details of other bookings taken by hoteliers/accommodation owners and are unable, therefore, to provide any information in this respect. Neither are we advised of any conference/convention bookings, schools or wedding groups.

    Smoking: If, despite our best efforts, guests smoke in a non-smoking areas, we cannot accept liability for any discomfort.

    Resort Childcare Facilities

    Independently operated resort kindergarten will comply with local regulations.  Therefore, we have not inspected these facilities or premises and are unable to guarantee that the level of care provided will suit your requirements. Should you have any queries or wish to make a booking please contact the local tourist office telephone, numbers are available on request.

    Where hotel crèches and other children's facilities are not operated by Zenith we have no control over their operation and cannot guarantee the level of care provided will suit your requirements.

    Airport/Resort Transfers

    Approximate timings: In order to keep prices low and service as many flights as possible, we often need to combine transfers to and from the resorts for passengers from several arriving and departing flights. This means you may incur additional waiting time on arrival at the airport and on your return, though we will do our best to keep waiting times to a minimum. Transfer times listed on resort pages, which apply to the actual journey time after leaving the airport/station, are approximate and can vary due to poor weather, traffic conditions or transfer routes.

    Please note that some transfers to your resort may not be accompanied by a Zenith Representative and may include transferring onto a smaller vehicle to take you into the resort and your accommodation.

    If you prefer a private transfer, do ask us for a quote.

    Border controls: Please note that transfers which involve crossing national borders may be subject to delays as a result of immigration control and customs. Therefore, approximate timings as advertised may sometimes be longer than anticipated.

    Visa and Passports

    It is a customer's responsibility to be in possession of a full 10 year valid passport and any necessary visas and the UK passport office suggests that passports should be valid for 6 months after your return.  Under 16 year olds who are not already included on their parent's passport are required to have their own individual passport. We recommend that customers contact the Embassy of the destination country for any visa requirements prior to travel. If your passport classifies you as anything other than a British citizen you should contact the relevant country embassy in the UK before you travel to see if you need a visa for your destination.



    We have a resort representative based in a range of our destinations. For the resorts where this is not the case, you will have the services either of a Zenith representative from a nearby resort or from an appointed local agent/hotelier who will give guidance and assistance. Details of an emergency contact number will be provided with your travel documents.


    By the very nature of Active holidays you will be participating in activities that are potentially hazardous, therefore please check the details of your holiday insurance to ensure you are covered beforehand. As with all adventure sports, you partake at your own risk and you may be required to sign a disclaimer prior to some activities. Any excursions or hazardous activity in which you partake locally, such as white water rafting, horse riding etc. are at your own risk and liability may not be covered under the terms of your holiday insurance.  Please check the details of your individual policy before participation.

    Other Excursion Information

    • Days of operation of excursions are sometimes subject to change which may occasionally mean that it may not be convenient or it may coincide with a weekly transfer day. Also excursions may be cancelled due to poor volume of support, or poor weather conditions. In such circumstances we will always try our best to offer alternatives locally but should this not be possible a full refund of the excursion cost will be paid.
    • Some excursions may involve a fairly lengthy journey for a relatively short time at the destination and we would therefore suggest you make enquiries before booking.
    • On some excursions the commentary may be conducted in several languages and an English speaking guide may not always be available.
    • The size of vehicle used will be dependent upon the number of passengers.
    • Entrance fees, road tolls, boat crossings and optional extras are not included in the excursion prices shown including 'free' excursions and are payable locally.
    • In the event of Sterling dropping significantly below our estimated exchange rates, Zenith must reserve the right to increase these costs at any time or to withdraw the excursion.
    • The prices detailed may be higher or lower than resort prices due to exchange rates or special offers available locally at the time. However, should this be the case no refunds or extra costs are due on items pre-booked.
    • Please note that no refunds can be made except in the case of cancellation by the local operator.
    • If credit cards are used to book tours locally, a handling charge will be added at a percentage rate advised in resort.
    • Lift assistance for mountain biking may not be available early and late season.
    • Children's minimum ages have been given for guidance. Some suppliers actually use a child's height/weight to determine whether they can partake in the activity. The final decision on whether to accept a child rests with the supplier.
    • Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when joining our accompanied bike or hike tours.
    • 'Adults' include any children older than the maximum 'child' age which is stated.
    • Child reductions apply on the basic holiday price only and do not include any supplements, nanny service charges etc.
    • To qualify for a special offer or price reduction, the child or children must share a room (or apartment/studio) with two full fare paying passengers except where stated.


    What is/is not included in your holiday price


    Standard HOLIDAYS

    • Accommodation and meals as per your booking.
    • Transfer as described. The option is provided in our travel arrangements page for your selected resort. This may include airp[ort transfer, car hire or channel crossing (for self-drive)
    • Help & advice from your Zenith resort Representative or agent.


    When you or your travel agent wish to confirm a booking you must pay the deposit of 20% (minimum £80 per person), together with the insurance premium if required.


    • Travel insurance (which you must have, see Insurance section).
    • Carriage of bikes, windsurfs or surfboards
    • Porterage of luggage at any stage.
    • Breakdown Insurance (Self-Drive).
    • CDW or local taxes on car hire
    • Any services provided locally that are advertised as being available at the booked resort or accommodation, but not described as free of charge e.g. child care, hotel facilities.
    • Any local gratuities, taxes charged by hotels
    • Local tourist tax
    • Credit card handling fees
    • Visa Fees

    Administration Charge

    We reserve the right to levy an administration charge in certain circumstances to cover any additional costs incurred by us, such as contacting suppliers to check availability or special requests, returning lost property, special ticket dispatch, extra administration relating to late bookings within 7 days of departure etc. This charge is £35 per booking, but may be higher to cover special ticket dispatch costs. This charge does not relate to changes you make to your booking

    Whilst on holiday

    (i) If you want to make changes to the booked arrangements in resort, for example upgrading your accommodation, changing resort or extending or reducing your holiday duration, changes will be subject to availability. Any extra costs or cancellation charges must be paid by you locally. All changes must be arranged with us in writing, either through our local representative/agent, area office or, if this is not possible, our head office in the UK.

    (ii) The accommodation booked must only be used by those persons named on your invoice unless otherwise agreed by us in writing. You are not allowed to share the accommodation or let anyone else stay there.

    (iii) You are responsible for any damage caused to your holiday accommodation during your stay, except by unknown third parties and any justifiable charges made by the owner/hotel manager in this respect must be paid by you locally.

    Health Matters

    Customers are reminded that they should check with their own doctor for advice on medical requirements of the host countries. The Department of Health produces a helpful leaflet entitled, Health Advice for Travellers (T6) and leaflets are available free from your Doctor, larger Post Offices or by telephone 0870 1555455.

    Special Needs, Disabled and Elderly Customers: We are happy to advise and assist elderly, special needs or disabled customers to choose a holiday. However, some of the properties featured on this website may lack even the simplest facilities such as ramps for wheelchairs and lifts etc. Therefore, we must be provided with full written details of any disability or special requirements before booking to ascertain whether the holiday of your choice is suitable.

    The Foreign & Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit

    The Foreign & Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination. You are advised to check this information on the Internet under the address, or phone 0845 850 2829. 

    Further, we communicate with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to do all that we can to help British travellers stay safe overseas.

    Before you go overseas, check out the FCO web site at: or

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